"Slim Line" LED Lighting Step-Down Autotransformers

Intended for 347V, 480V or 277V Source of Electrical Supply

  • Outputs - Either 240V or 120V (ideal for 100-277V rated fixtures)
  • Versatile “Slim” Profile: Low Height and Width
  • Robust, reliable, low-cost autotransformer design
  • Power Ratings from 25 to 240VA (see tables below)
  • Open Internal-Mount Component styles (UL Recognized for Canada/US); mounting brackets available
  • Enclosed External-Mount styles (UL Listed for Canada/US), suitable for IP66 applications

Useful Applications

  • Step-down 347V (Canadian) or 480V (US) supply for LED drivers and other types of lighting fixtures
  • Industrial, Commercial, Office, Parking Garage and Street Lighting installations
  • Class B - 130C insulation system - suitable for ambient temperature ranges from -40 to +50C!

Check out our Paper: Demystifying 347V and 480V Lighting Installations

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Open Internal-Mount "Component" Models
(click for Datasheet)
Input VOutput V NominalPower VALoad Reg (typ)Eff (typ)Length (inches)Width (inches)Height (inches)Weight (lbs)
210041 / 210041M347240506.5%94%1.851.631.310.6
210042 / 210042M3472401004.0%93%3.351.631.311.3
210043 / 210043M3472402404.0%93%6.381.631.312.8
210100 / 210100M3471202511.5%84%1.851.631.310.6
210097 / 210097M347120609.0%86%3.351.631.311.3
210098 / 210098M3471201257.3%88%6.381.631.312.8
211063 / 211063M4802403511%83%1.851.631.310.6
210099 / 210099M480240757.5%93%3.351.631.311.3
210083 / 210083M4802401706.0%90%6.381.631.312.8
212024 / 212024M2772401252.0%97%1.851.631.310.6
212025 / 212025M2772402401.3%97%3.351.631.311.3

Suffix "M" denotes part is assembled and shipped with Mounting brackets; mounting brackets are also sold separately for easy user installation.

Enclosed External-Mount Models, suitable for IP65 applications
(click for Datasheet)
Input VOutput V NominalPower VALoad Reg (typ)Eff (typ)Length (inches)Width (inches)Height (inches)Weight (lbs)
210041EB / 210041FB347240506.5%94%2.071.911.57²0.8
210042EB / 210042FB3472401004.0%93%3.561.911.57²1.6
210043EB / 210043FB3472402204.0%93%7.721.871.493.0
210100EB / 210100FB3471202511.5%84%2.071.911.57²0.8
210097EB / 210097FB347120609.0%86%3.561.911.57²1.6
210098EB / 210098FB3471201157.3%88%7.721.871.493.0
211063EB / 211063FB4802403511%83%2.071.911.57²0.8
210099EB / 210099FB480240757.5%93%3.561.911.57²1.6
210083EB / 210083FB4802401556.0%90%7.721.871.493.0
212024EB / 212024FB2772401252.0%97%2.071.911.57²0.8
212025EB / 212025FB2772402401.3%97%3.561.911.57²1.6

Model version FB includes internal 110°C resettable fuse.

For Enclosed models:  Height - add Mounting Nipple dimensions – approx. 0.47" threads above 0.13" shoulder, outside dia. 0.82" (1/2" NPT)