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This video is a great introduction into who we are and what we do! ...Custom-designed transformers and inductors made to match your unique application.

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What our customers say

  • "I would like to express our appreciation for your efforts in making this a successful project for us, especially to George for his expertise in refining the design and to your production for executing flawlessly. We achieved very high levels of consistency in our build, at least in part due to the very consistent performance of the magnetics."

    - Nick V., Geo Spectrum

  • "We solicited a new transformer design from E Craftsmen when a competitor of theirs was unwilling to improve on an underperforming product for us. The design proved perfect for the application resulting in many hundreds of flawless units being deployed in transit vehicles throughout the world. Thank you E Craftsmen for one thing we never have to worry about."

    - Jim, Trak Com Wireless Inc.

  • "I am very happy to deal with E-Craftsmen. This company provided for us a perfect manufacturers' quality, professional engineering support and helpful customer service. Thank you very much!"

    - Iouri T., GEOTECH Ltd.

  • "We received the transformer today. It came in perfect condition. Thank you for your time and efforts creating it for us!"

    - Rodney

  • "We received the shipment and it looks great. You did a great job of packaging the transformers. The way the part was crated was top notch. Thank you for checking in with us. I must say you guys were great to work with."

    - Jim P., Pacific Bell

  • "Top Notch group of highly professional individuals. From customer service to engineering, to manufacturing of highly reliable transformers, the team at E Craftsmen continues to impress me with their collaborative environment and quality products."

    - Mike E., CPI Chicago

Recent Work

Low Frequency Bypass Inductor 1.8mH, 60Hz with harmonics (EC Custom Model 217079)
Used as a component of an LCL filter on the output of a 3 ph
High Voltage Transformer 7500–9400Vac output (EC Custom Model 220034)
This open type transformer is used to generate a high voltag
Toroidal Water Cooled Transformer Assembly (EC Custom Model 210033)
Customer design, assembled at Electronic Craftsmen. Used i
DC Inductor, 30uH @200Adc, with 5Apk-pk @20kHz Ripple (EC Custom Model 220011)
Used to limit the inrush of fault currents in DC power elect