What our customers say

  • "I think your fourth sentence is worth a gallon of good coffee— “… all the energy stored in the core during the FET on cycle is dumped out the secondary during the off time and that the secondary will fly up to whatever voltage it needs too, to dump the energy.” None of the literature I’ve read presents this idea so clearly and concisely."

    - Tim

  • "I would like to express our appreciation for your efforts in making this a successful project for us, especially to George for his expertise in refining the design and to your production for executing flawlessly. We achieved very high levels of consistency in our build, at least in part due to the very consistent performance of the magnetics."

    - Nick

  • "We received the transformer today. It came in perfect condition. Thank you for your time and efforts creating it for us!"

    - Rodney

Recent Work

Toroidal Water Cooled Transformer Assembly
Customer design, assembled at E Craftsmen. Used in an Indu
Multi-tap Power Transformer, 280VA
This compact transformer is rated 120/240V, 50/60Hz input, w
High Current DC Filter Inductor with 1kHz Ripple
These inductors are used in a renewable energy application.
Three-Phase AC Reactor - 3KVAR @ 400Hz (Model 216037)
This AC Inductor is one of a family of parts designed for ai