Magnetics designed to meet your unique, high-risk specifications

Whether you need a custom solution or a simple build-to-print, we have the design skills and manufacturing know-how to turn your demanding specification into a precision component that works right, the first time. Our reliable, innovative designs are all backed with a 5 year warranty.

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Built To Your Specifications

We work with you to build a component that fits your need perfectly.  

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Product Categories

3 Phase Inductor
3 Phase Inductors

Our custom three-phase inductors are used in applications including aviation, power conditioning, renewable energy power conversion and high-power battery charging, to name a few.

Switch Mode Inductor Manufactured by E Craftsmen
High Frequency & Switch Mode Inductors

E Craftsmen has been designing and building Switch Mode Power Supplies for over 20 years.

DC & AC Inductors manufactured by E Craftsmen
DC & AC Inductors, Chokes & Reactors

Our inductors utilize state-of-the-art materials including powdered metals, ferrites, amorphous metals and silicon & nickel iron materials.

Aviation and 400Hz inductors manufactured by E Craftsmen
Aviation & 400hz Inductors

Aviation and military applications are used in demanding environments. Special consideration must be given to vibration, moisture, weight, contamination and qualification.

Inductor / Choke Capabilites at Electronic Craftsmen

  • Frequency: 25Hz to 500kHz
  • Inductance: uH to H
  • Currents to 1100A nominal, ac or dc
  • AC Ripple Current accommodated to specification
  • Temperature Class to 220C (155C / Class F typical)
  • Weight: 0.06 oz / 1g to 550 lbs / 250kg
  • Multiple taps as needed
  • Dielectric Strength (hipot) to 30kVac or 20kVdc
  • MIL PRF 27 Grades 5 or 6 encapsulation available
  • Wire sizes from 1-45 AWG or Copper Foil to 0.050 thick (in multiple layers for higher current); Litz wire for higher frequency
  • Designed to meet CSA & UL (safety) or MIL PRF 27 (aerospace / military) requirements as specified
  • Parts can be vacuum varnished or molded with a variety of hard or soft encapsulant materials with thermal conductivity.
  • Regulation to specification
  • All known state-of-the-art magnetic core materials (including but not limited to electrical grade steel laminations, ferrites, nickel-iron alloy and amorphos metal strip-wound cores)
  • Antifungal and non-nutrient coatings available
  • Corrosion resistant coatings & platings available
  • Standard or custom terminations & leads
  • Mounting Configurations: pcb mount (horizontal or vertical), custom or standard brackets or stacked configurations