Custom Magnetics with Optimized Performance

Some of the applications that use our parts:

  • Aviation and Aerospace Systems
  • Lighting (LED, Airport and Conventional)
  • Industrial, Mining Controllers and Equipment
  • Medical, Laboratory & Specialty Instrumentation
  • Induction Heating
  • Voltage and Energy Stabilization Systems
  • Industrial Controllers and Battery Charging Equipment
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Shipboard/Marine UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)
  • Industrial / Automated Welding
  • Satellite Communications Supply
  • Broadcasting Communications
  • Power Supplies, Invertors and Power Distribution Equipment


  • Electric Vehicle
    E Craftsmen designs and manufactures custom magnetics for electric vehicle charging stations that are placed worldwide.
  • Green Energy
    We manufacture custom transformers for energy stabilization and the green energy industry for products such as wind turbines.
  • Solar
    Our custom transformers and inductors are manufactured for use in clean and solar energy applications around the world.
  • Communications
    We design and manufacture highly customized power solutions for the Communications & Aerospace Industries
  • Networking
    The Communications and Telecommunication Industries rely on E Craftsmen to solve their toughest power supply needs.
  • Aerospace
    We design and manufacture highly customized power solutions for the Aerospace Industry
  • LED Lighting
    Building solutions for the LED lighting industry
  • Green Transportation
    E Craftsmen designs and manufactures custom applications for the clean transportation industry worldwide.

Engineering & Manufacturing Expertise

Our designers have the know-how to turn your complex requirement into a high-performance solution.

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes (2002):

  • 334416 - Electronic Coil, Transformer and Other Inductor Manufacturing
  • 335311 - Power, Distribution and Specialty Transformer Manufacturing

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes (1987): (SIC codes have been superseded by NAICS codes)

  • 3612 (Transformers (Inductors), general and specialty)
  • 3677 (Transformers / Inductors for electronics) World-class products with guaranteed results. Contact us with your requirements.