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Induction Heating Equipment





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Custom Magnetics with Optimized Performance


Some of the Power Electronics applications that use our parts:


  • Aviation and Aerospace Power, Radar & Control Systems
  • LED and Conventional Lighting
  • Induction Heating & Heat Treating
  • Satellite Communications Amplifiers
  • Naval Sonar and Acoustics Systems
  • Medical, Laboratory & Scientific Instrumentation
  • Protection Relays & Control Systems (Mining and Industrial)
  • Airfield and Obstruction Lighting and Controls
  • Airport Security Systems
  • Power Quality, Voltage & Energy Stabilization Systems
  • Optical Imaging and Targeting Sensor Systems
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment
  • Rail Transportation Power Systems
  • Shipboard/Marine UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)
  • Welding Automation
  • Broadcasting and Wireless Communications
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Security Hardware
  • Solar Invertors and Renewable Power Systems








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