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Highly engineered products developed to meet complex customer specifications. Materials and methods are uniquely selected to maximize performance and reduce costs. We work collaboratively with you to create optimal solutions to demanding requirements.

Example Types of Specialty Transformers

  • Encapsulated / Molded / Potted*
  • High Voltage (to 12kV)
  • Water-Cooled
  • Modem
  • Communication
  • Battery Charging
  • Potential (voltage measurement)
  • Transformer assemblies (with wire harnesses, circuit boards, discrete components)

* Note: Almost any magnetic component can be Grade 5 molded (sealed).  We use a wide selection of 2-part epoxy, RTV and/or other silicone materials.


Recent Work

  • Toroidal Water Cooled Transformer Assembly (EC Custom Model 210033)
    Customer design, assembled at Electronic Craftsmen. Used in an Induction Heating application. Multiple windings of 2625/44 Litz wire assembled onto 2 x 4.21"OD 3F3 Ferrite cores together with multiple sets of connection and water-cooling hardware assemblies. 4200Vdc hipot.
  • Power Step-Down Transformer Assembly with Wiring Harness and Integral Output Protection
    Value-added custom step-down transformer assembly for laboratory equipment. Transformer incorporates a multi-tapped input (100/120/200/220/230/240V) for international supply applications and dual SELV outputs, 22VA @ 50/60Hz. Includes wiring harness and output fuse protection circuitry mounted together with the transformer on a conversion coated aluminum bracket. RoHS compliant. Custom Model 206053.
  • High Voltage Transformer, 6000V @ 20kVA, 4-7kHz with Epoxy Encapsulated Windings for Corona Resistance
    This custom specialty transformer was designed for use in a system for ozone generation for water sanitizing. This transformer utilizes epoxy-encapsulated windings to provide additional protection against damage caused by partial discharge (corona). Encapsulation is performed under vacuum with the goal of replacing air with epoxy to provide a superior medium of insulation. Rated 600V input, 6kV output @ 4-7kHz. Insulation is Class F (180C). Copper foil and Litz wire windings on a gapped ferrite core. Model 211020.
  • Surge Arrestor
    Water Resistant, epoxy sealed within polycarbonate housing; provided with T-connector cable.
  • Submersible Transformer
    Water Tight Submersible Transformer. 277:120V, 60Hz, 750VA, 25lbs Fully encapsulated within custom aluminum housing, SOW leads (100lb pull test)
  • High Voltage Switching Transformer
    100KVA, 4-7KHz Epoxy Casted, Ferrite Core - for ozone generation
  • High Voltage Communications Transformer

    12KV Isolation between windings Epoxy Casted, Corona Inception <10pC @ 1800V

  • Rectifier Transformer Assembly
    280VA, 50/60Hz Open Style, 4 Slot Chassis Mount, Complete with Secondary Fusing, Faston Terminals
  • High Voltage Power Xfmr
    25VA, 60 Hz 19KV Isolation Between Windings, 4.1KV Primary Input Voltage, Epoxy Casted Primary

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Specialty Transformer Capabilities at Electronic Craftsmen

  • Power: From mW to 50kVA @ 60Hz or up to 200kVA @ 20kHz (typical)
  • Working Voltage up to 12kV (depending on frequency); multiple stages possible for higher outputs
  • Frequency: 25Hz to 500kHz (typical)
  • Temperature Class to 220C (155C / Class F typical)
  • Weight: 0.06 oz / 1g to 550 lbs / 250kg
  • Multiple taps as required
  • Dielectric Strength (hipot) to 30kVac or 20kVdc
  • Parts can be vacuum varnished or molded with a variety of hard or soft encapsulant materials with
    thermal conductivity.
  • Wire sizes from 1-45 AWG or Copper Foil to 0.050in thick (in multiple layers for higher current); Litz
    wire for higher frequency
  • Regulation to specification
  • Manufactured using all known state-of-the-art magnetic core materials, including but not limited to
    electrical grade steel laminations, ferrites & powdered iron, nickel-iron alloy, iron amorphous
    metal strip-wound cores, nanocrystalline cores and small toroids.
  • Antifungal and non-nutrient coatings available
  • Corrosion resistant coatings & platings available
  • Standard or custom terminations & leads
  • Mounting Configurations: pcb-mount (horizontal or vertical), custom or standard brackets or stacked
  • Designed to meet CSA & UL (safety) or MIL PRF 27 (aerospace / military) requirements upon request
  • MIL PRF 27 Grade 5 & 6 encapsulation available