Design Skills and Manufacturing Processes that Set Us Apart...

Our experts love a design challenge. We can provide products that conform to most market specifications including a wide range of catalogue items. Our design database includes more than 10,000 products.

Our quality assurance program further complements our ability to deliver products on time with exceptional PPM performance.

Powerful solutions that work - with guaranteed results.

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Encapsulation (Varnish, Casting & Molding) Processes

"Satisfying demanding environmental and electrical requirements"

  • Vacuum & pressure impregnation for HV applications
    • Chambers up to 243 inches
    • Levels to 100 mTorr
    • Many Chambers fully automated with controls to ensure precision
  • MIL PRF 27 Grade 5 & 6 aviation and military specifications
  • Custom molds or cups
  • Diverse variety of sealants including Anti-fungal & non-nutrient materials
  • Silicones and one or two part epoxies

In-House Ferrite and Core Grinding

"Flexibility and versatility to quickly meet critical inductance specifications."

  • Tolerances to 0.0001in
  • Unlimited applications including flyback transformers, step-gap transformers and inductor gaps
  • Eliminates time and cost of sending out to external sources
Core grinding machine

J-STD-001 Soldering

"Our operators are trained to execute all critical J-STD-001 soldering operations"

  • Detailed standard practices and work instructions
  • RoHS or Leaded solders
  • High current brazing

On-Site Machine Shop

"Reduced cycle time on prototyping and custom-designed mechanical assemblies."

  • In-house fabrication of custom inspection fixtures and production tooling
  • Development of custom molds for encapsulation
  • Short runs of brackets, terminals and other custom materials for fast production of prototypes
On Site Machine Shop

Automated Production Testing Equipment

"State-of-the-art Voltech transformer testers provide a fast, reliable and flexible test solution."

  • Tolerances to 0.0001in
  • Unlimited applications including flyback transformers, step-gap transformers and inductor
Automated Testing

Thermal Cycling Chamber

"Advanced testing capability to verify performance under extreme environmental conditions."

  • 8 cu. ft. with hot-cold and humidity cycling
  • Range from -73C to +190C
  • Cascading cooling compressors with LN2 boost for accelerated performance
  • Dual plotting for both temperature and humidity
Enviromental Chamber

Corona Test & Measurement

“Advanced PC based, AC Partial Discharge test set”

  • 0-20KVac @ 100mA, 60Hz
  • Detects partial discharge up to 2 pC
  • Chamber Size: 17”W x 30”D x 30”H (8.85 cu ft)
  • Omicron MPD500 Digital Detector
Corona Test Set

State of the Art Winding

  • Bench top winding machines (Ruff GmbH) for high precision linear winding applications
  • CNC controlled traverse, electronically controlled for precise control of tension for guaranteed repeatability
  • Pitch accuracy of 0.00004”
  • Electronically stored winding programs
  • Perfect-layer coils, self-supported coils and edge wound coils
Ruff winder

Multiple Winding Styles

“Custom Magnetics require flexibility in Winding”

  • Bobbin Winding
  • Toroid Winding
  • Stick Winding
  • Unit Winding
  • Heavy Winding including rectangular wire and Foil to 22”
Bobbin winding

Offshore Partnerships

Any effort to utilize these partners is conducted in a way that is fully visible and trouble-free for our customers. Typically, all production parts are shipped to our facility in Waterloo, Ontario, for 100% conformance testing before delivery to our customer. In some cases, however, we can facilitate a drop-shipment program from our vendor directly to the customer’s own off-shore facility; of course, this scenario may require additional quality assurance provisions.

Electronic Craftsmen has long standing relationships with trusted vendors located in China, Taiwan and India and we can utilize these partners when higher volumes would suggest cost-reduction potential. We value our relationships with these vendors and have been working with some of them for upwards of 10 years. Each of these companies has their own unique competencies and we select the most suitable manufacturer based on the part parameters.

Offshore Partnerships