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Understanding SMPS fundamentals is essential when optimizing a inductor design for smaller size, cooler operation and lower losses. We've been designing and building custom Switch Mode Power Supply magnetics for over 25 years. From design concept to delivery, you can rely on our expertise to help you minimize your risk and achieve a high performance product.

Example Types of High-Frequency, Ferrite & Switching Inductors & Chokes

  • Buck, Boost and Flyback Topologies
  • Output Filter Inductors
  • Magnetic Regulators (Mag Amps)
  • High Current / Voltage / Frequency
  • Encapsulated / Molded Designs
  • In-house Core Gapping
  • Litz and Copper Foil Windings

Recent Work

  • 30kW Coupled Inductor, 112uH, 14kHz
    Intended for High Power Filter applications in a 30kW converter, this 2-coil inductor is rated 112A @ 700V; peak current reaches 230A. The customer needed a complete re-design of an existing part from another manufacturer in order to reduce excessive losses. Consists of multiple layers of 0.012" copper foil with Mylar insulation assembled on a 50ALL ferrite core that was modified in-house to fit. (Custom Model 217057)
  • Common Mode Filter Choke - 500uH 20kHz 100A
    This custom filter choke is foil-wound on multiple FU93 ferrite cores with Class H (180C) insulation (part number 209087).
  • Sinewave CCR Output Filter Inductor
    This custom CCR output filter inductor boasts 0.7 mH @ 90A, 50Hz with 14App ripple @ 10kHz, high temperature 220C insulation, 0.010" copper foil windings on Metglas® wound amorphous metal C-core.
  • High Power Boost Inverter Inductor
    350uH, 200A, 60Hz High Current 6KHz Harmonics, M2 Grade Steel, Copper Foil-Wound, 15" Tall, 120lb.
  • Output Filter Inductor
    50uH, 75A, 100 KHz Ferrite Core, Foil Wound, Class B insulation with Enhanced Airflow
  • Output Filter Inductor
    300uH, 125A, 3 Hz fund. Amorphous Alloy C-Cores, 220C Insulation, Foil-Wound

World-Class Products

We deliver expertly made magnetics with low or high volumes and flexible schedules, on-time and pn-budget.

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Specifications - typical

  • Inductance: uH to H
  • Dielectric to 30kVac or 20kVdc
  • Currents to 1000A nominal, ac or dc
  • AC Ripple accommodated to specification
  • Frequencies to 500kHzv
  • Temperature Class to 220C
  • Weight from 0.1 to over 500 lbs
  • Standard or custom terminations & leads
  • Mounting Configurations: pcb mount (horizontal or vertical); customized brackets
  • All known state-of-the-art magnetic materials
  • Wire sizes from 1 to 45 AWG or Copper Foil to 0.050 thick
  • Standard or custom terminations & leads
  • Designed to meet CSA & UL safety requirements (upon request)
  • MIL PRF 27 Grade 5 & 6 encapsulation
  • Designed to meet MIL-PRF-27 requirements