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We specialize in designing and manufacturing numerous Aviation, Aerospace & 400Hz Transformers to fit your design perfectly. We deliver solutions to complex problems across a wide range of industries, from high tech to industrial. Our transformers and inductors are used in a variety of conditions and usage modes.

For applications on the ground, on the water or in the air, we work collaboratively with you to create optimal solutions to demanding requirements.

Example Types of Aviation and 400Hz Transformers

  • 3-phase
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Encapsulated
  • Airport Lighting

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"Whatever it takes" is always our response to demanding custom transformer requirements.

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  • Up to 15kV working voltage
  • Multiple taps available
  • Dielectric to 30kVac or 20kVdc
  • Power to ¼ VA to 50kVA
  • Frequencies to 500kHz
  • Regulation to specification
  • Temperature Class to 220C
  • Weight from 1g to 200kg
  • Standard or custom terminations & leads
  • Mounting Configurations: pcb mount (horizontal or vertical); standard or custom brackets with anti-corrosion platings
  • Antifungal and non-nutrient coatings
  • Wire sizes from 1 to 45 AWG or Copper Foil to 0.050 thick
  • MIL PRF 27 Grade 5 & 6 encapsulation
  • Designed to meet MIL-PRF-27 requirements