Reliable, Innovative Designs

We design and build our inductors and chokes with state-of-the-art materials including powdered metals, ferrites, amorphous metals and silicon & nickel iron materials. In-house gapping capability allows us to meet specific inductance specifications and our collaborative approach to design allows us to deliver applications with results in optimal performance in the most efficient package.

Example Types of DC & AC Inductors, Chokes & Reactors:

  • Encapsulated / Molded / Potted
  • High Power, High Current
  • Output Filter
  • Differential & Common Mode
  • Water-cooled
  • High Voltage (to 25kV)
  • Air Core Power
  • Foil-Wound
  • Buck-boost
  • Toroidal
  • Noise Suppression
  • Resonant Tank
  • Swinging Output
  • Tunable
  • Magnetic Regulator
  • 3 Phase


Recent Work

  • Low Frequency Bypass Inductor 1.8mH, 60Hz with harmonics (EC Custom Model 217079)
    Used as a component of an LCL filter on the output of a 3 ph grid-tied inverter. This inductor serves as a shunt for low frequency current to reduce losses in the damping resistor. - Inductance: 1.80mH +/-10% - Line Voltage, rms: 480V +/-10% - Switching Frequency: 5-10kHz - Rated Current @ 60Hz: 4.5A - Harmonic 1: 400mA @ 5kHz - Harmonic 2: 50mA @ 10kHz - Dielectric Strength: 3000Vac, 2s - Chassis Mountable; Terminal Block for electrical connections - Metglas Core
  • DC Inductor, 30uH @200Adc, with 5Apk-pk @20kHz Ripple (EC Custom Model 220011)
    Used to limit the inrush of fault currents in DC power electronic systems - Operating voltage: 800VDC - Ambient operating temp: -30C to +50C - Amorphous Alloy Core Material - Approx. dimensions: 5.25”H x 4.00”W x 5.25”D - Approx. weight: 9.25Lbs
  • High Current DC Filter Inductor with 1kHz Ripple
    These inductors are used in a renewable energy application. Rated 620Adc, 1.5mH designed for 1kHz ripple current, they consist of 40mil copper foil windings, 10" wide with integral ventilation slots assembled on 26M19 electrical grade steel cores. High temperature, Class H (180C) insulation system. Heavy duty 1105HTC vacuum-varnish encapsulant for harsh environment. Total weight approx 520lbs. (Part number 210022)
  • High Current AC Inductor - Wind Farm Application
    This unique, custom AC inductor is rated 51uH, 620A, 50/60 Hz with high harmonic content (ripple); 2260Apk, 3750V hipot (isolation). Constructed of dual 25mil copper foil (5.5" wide) windings assembled onto "Mega Flux" distributed gap core blocks. Surge tested, 5 pulses, Ag = 5mV/sec min. Used for energy storage purposes in a large-scale wind-farm regulation plant.
  • Encapsulated 3ph DC Inductor (256uH, 48Adc) for DC-DC converter application (Model 215023)
    Three single-phase custom inductors each rated 256uH, 48Adc with 50App ripple at 8kHz. Each inductor is constructed of 0.010 copper foil wound on an AMCC-50 amorphous metal core using Class H (180C) insulation. Encapsulated/casted in thermally conductive epoxy with conductive filler, contained within a partial aluminum housing with integral mounting bracket.
  • 3ph Water-Cooled Inductor
    This custom 3ph water-cooled inductor boasts 70uH, 220A, 1600Hz Foil Wound on Ferrite Cores, 20A Ripple @ 20kHz, Copper Tube Cooling Cast in Silicone
  • AC Inductor
    35uH, 300A, 10kHz Litz Wire Wound on Multiple Ferrite Toroids
  • Output Filter Inductor
    Amorphous Alloy C-Cores, 220C Insulation, Foil-Wound. 50uH, 75A, 100 KHz.
  • Combination Differential + Common Mode
    DM 120uH, CM 300uH, 100A; 400Hz Edge Wound, Tape Wound C-Core, Open Style, 4 Hole Chassis Mount
  • AC Inductor
    410uH, 72A, 5 kHz Ferrite Core, Litz Wound, Terminal Block Terminations, for Ozone Generation
  • Air Core Inductor
    3uH, 180A, 150kHz Toroidal Ferrite Core, Litz Wire conductors with LEM for Current Monitoring
  • Output Filter Inductor
    300uH, 125A, 3 Hz fund. Amorphous Alloy C-Cores, 220C Insulation, Foil-Wound
  • Output Filter Inductor
    300uH, 125A, 3 Hz fund. Amorphous Alloy C-Cores, 220C Insulation, Foil-Wound

Advanced Manufacturing Capability

Each unit is assembled in-house with care and precision.

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  • Inductance: uH to H
  • Dielectric to 30kVac or 20kVdc
  • Currents to 1000A nominal
  • AC Ripple accommodated to specification
  • Temperature Class to 220C
  • Weight from 0.01 to over 500 lbs
  • Standard or custom terminations & leads
  • Mounting Configurations: pcb mount; customized brackets; channel frames; standard L-brackets or stacked configurations
  • Wire sizes from 1 to 45 AWG or Copper Foil to 0.050 thick
  • Standard or custom terminations & leads
  • Designed to meet CSA & UL safety requirements (upon request)
  • MIL PRF 27 Grade 5 & 6 encapsulation
  • Designed to meet MIL-PRF-27 requirements