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"Slim Line"... Designed For LED Lighting!

Popular "Stock" low-profile step-down autotransformers for use with conventional and LED auto-ranging drivers & supplies (e.g. 100-277 volt). UL Approved for both Canada & US. Open types for internal mount (mounting brackets optional) or Enclosed types for external-mount applications.  

  • 347-240V @ 50W, 100W or 240W
  • 347-120V @ 25W, 60W or 125W
  • 480-240V @ 35W, 75W or 170W

Check out the "Slim-Line" 347V and 480V Autotransformer Models and Specs

Other Custom Designed Configurations of 347V, 480V and 600V Step-Down Transformers

  • 347V, 480V and 600V Autotransformers
  • 347V, 480V and 600V Isolation Transformers
  • 347V, 480V and 600V Lighting and LED Driver Step-Down Transformers


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  • Power to 5kVA
  • Frequency 60Hz (standard for Canada)
  • Multiple taps available
  • Dielectric to 30kVac or 20kVdc
  • Regulation to specification
  • Temperature Class to 220C
  • Standard or custom terminations & leads
  • Mounting Configurations: standard L-brackets; welded plates or customized mountings
  • Designed to meet CSA & UL safety requirements (upon request)