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Continuous improvement is an ongoing pursuit at Electronic Craftsmen, and we are fortunate to have Otilia Vandici, M.Eng. guiding the way as our Quality Manager.

Although most of our parts end up flying across the world, in a satellite amplifier, or lighting a large stadium, it is always nice to hear about parts that end up in one our communities. We received this email from Steve recently and it made our day.

Electronic Craftsmen is proud to announce our Re-Registration to Aerospace Standard AS9100D (including the base standard, ISO9001:2015). This is our second full Re-Registration Audit to this revision which was completed with zero nonconformances against our Quality System.

Video: Who we are & what we do! ...Custom-designed Transformers & Inductors made to match your unique application.

Star Trek would have us instantly teleporting across distances & space but until that becomes a reality, we must rely on planes, trains & automobiles (and occasionally boats) to get materials from suppliers to customers.

Manufacturing is making a comeback in North America. But downward pressure persists from offshore commodity suppliers so time & cost-saving is the nature of the game.

Our crew here at Electronic Craftsmen was both honoured and thrilled to be asked by the producers of the famous “How It’s Made” program to film a segment in our plant on how Inductors are made.

With over 60 years of working with new clients, Electronic Craftsmen has learned how important it is to research market demand and select the right manufacturing partners before investing in developing a new product or even a prototype. From our perspective, here are some practical steps...

If you’re like most people, when you find just the right product or part that you need, you want to get on with buying it right away. We completely understand that.

In late December, a customer brought us some legacy GE power supplies that were failing so we could investigate a sealed transformer that they believed was the source of the problem...


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