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In late December, a customer brought us some legacy GE power supplies that were failing so we could investigate a sealed transformer that they believed was the source of the problem...

Freight costs are a necessity for today's manufacturers. Star Trek would have us instantly teleporting across distance and space but until that becomes a reality, we need to rely on planes, trains & automobiles (and occasionally boats) to get materials from suppliers to customers.

As an engineering firm, research and continuous improvement are key elements to our success. Now, we’re taking those best practices beyond our products and applying them to our company brand too.

No matter the size or complexity of a project, they all begin with an idea. The E Craftsmen team has a tried and true process to take that idea from inception to high performance prototype with exceptional efficiency and quality.

E Craftsmen delivers it all. Our products and our process are turnkey – from quote to design, manufacturing to shipping. We guarantee we have the skills in house to craft a stellar product, without the risk of mishandled handoffs between different suppliers.

In a sea of start-ups, Waterloo Region doesn’t often revel in a 60-year anniversary. But, on November 12, in a quiet business park at what used to be the northern edge of Waterloo, E Craftsmen will celebrate 60 years of business evolution and innovation.

Note: E Craftsmen’s Blaine Gray joined the board of the Waterloo Region Manufacturing Innovation Network on January 22, 2016.

If you’re like most people, when you find just the right product or part that you need, you want to get on with buying it right away. We completely understand that.

Staying atop the rapidly changing requirements in the Digital Power space is a challenge. Power Pulse Weekly is one of our go to resources, find them on Twitter @powerpulse.

E Craftsmen Receives UL Listing for Higher-Power IP66 Enclosed Style LED Step-Down Autotransformers for LED Lighting Applications at 347V and 480V.


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