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Harmonic Content is a crucial consideration for robust design of Inductors and Transformers and is often misunderstood and ignored by designers.

E Craftsmen Receives UL Listing for Higher-Power IP66 Enclosed Style LED Step-Down Autotransformers for LED Lighting Applications at 347V and 480V.

Designed primarily for Step-Down power supply for LED lighting devices, these products are Certified to both the U.S. and Canadian standards for General Purpose Component Transformers.

Today's sophisticated renewable energy products place significant demands on magnetics. Complex configurations, unique heating requirements, switching harmonics - all in smaller packages. In the customer’s eyes, if it's not efficient, reliable and cost-effective, it won't make the cut.

Being part of industry groups, like the TTA, ensures that we continue to be an innovative and agile manufacturer. This large group of manufacturers, and many of their suppliers, meets twice a year to network and address topics and issues common to the manufacturing of magnetics.

E Craftsmen has long standing relationships with trusted vendors located in China, Taiwan and India and we can utilize these partners when higher volumes would suggest cost-reduction potential.

Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning has awarded E Craftsmen Corporation with a certificate recognizing them for their outstanding support in advancing the future of education

E Craftsmen manufactures and designs a wide range of high reliability custom magnetics. Designed to meet UL, CSA MIL-PRF-27 requirements.

The EV Project will deploy charge infrastructure in major cities in six states and the District of Columbia. Magnetics from E Craftsmen will be used in the manufacture of DC Fast Chargers. These chargers will be deployed in high-density areas of each of the launch markets and in major transportation corridors...

E Craftsmen is pleased to announce renewal of membership with the Ontario Aerospace Council.  The OAC is a not-for-profit, non-share capital corporation governed by a Board of Directors representing all segments of the Ontario aerospace industry.


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