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Five Qualities to look for in a designer-manufacturer of custom transformers

E Craftsmen excels from customer service to manufacturing


1. Experience

The capabilities of a custom transformer manufacturer depend mainly on their depth of experience supported by strong craftsmanship, a streamlined process and a dependable contact. The E Craftsmen team is stacked with career professionals with incredible skill in engineering, manufacturing and customer service.


2. The one-stop-shop

E Craftsmen delivers it all. Our products and our process are turnkey – from quote to design, manufacturing to shipping. We guarantee we have the skills in house to craft a stellar product, without the risk of mishandled handoffs between different suppliers.


3. A strong portfolio: 60 years of experience

A reputable manufacturer is proud to show off their products. A strong portfolio with detailed descriptions offers more than variety to the customer – it fosters confidence and trust. At E Craftsmen, we’re pleased to have designed and built a wide range products for a vast array of needs. From custom designs to our catalogue of UL approved Slim Line LED Lighting transformers, you can find examples and specifications online.


4. Multiple in-house designers

Don’t risk having vacation time get in the way of your business. A manufacturer with a team of engineers can guarantee that someone is available to meet your needs. E Craftsmen is proud to have four experienced designers on site, all of whom are dedicated to working with you from RFQ through to product delivery.


5. Location

Depending on the nature of your business, a nearby manufacturer might suit your needs better through face-to-face meetings, fewer language barriers or cheaper, faster shipping. E Craftsmen is proudly located in Waterloo, Ontario – an hour west of Toronto and less than two hours from the US border.

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