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Electric Vehicle Project

Image of an Electric Vehicle being charged

The EV Project will deploy charge infrastructure in major cities in six states and the District of Columbia.


Magnetics from E Craftsmen will be used in the manufacture of DC Fast Chargers. These chargers will be deployed in high-density areas of each of the launch markets and in major transportation corridors to allow EV users to commute between major cities.


Project Manager Ecotality is working together with the US Department of Energy, Nissan and Cheverolet to collect and analyze data to characterize vehicle use in diverse topographic and climatic conditions, evaluate the effectiveness of charge infrastructure, and conduct trials of various revenue systems for commercial and public charge infrastructures. The ultimate goal of The EV Project is to take the lessons learned from the deployment of these first 8,300 EVs (Nissan Leaf and Cheverolet Volt), and the charging infrastructure supporting them, to enable the streamlined deployment of the next 5,000,000 EVs.

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