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We've reengineered the E Craftsmen brand

Image of Finger pressing the Electronic Craftsmen logo


As an engineering firm, research and continuous improvement are key elements to our success. Now, we’re taking those best practices beyond our products and apply them to our company brand too.


We did some recent research with our customers as well as within our industry, and discovered that even though the E Craftsmen name was introduced nearly 10 years ago, the Electronic Craftsmen name remained widely used.


So, we decided to borrow from our past, and to build something new for our future.


Moving forward, we’ll be using both the Electronic Craftsmen and E Craftsmen brand names.  There is no need to change your bookmarks or saved email addresses for E Craftsmen.


So, what’s in a name?

As our primary focus is “power electronics”, emphasizing this in our name provides both, clarity on our specialty, and credibility to our brand, so we’re bringing back the prominence of the Electronic Craftsmen name.  E Craftsmen will continue to be used as our corporate name and as a shortened form for our website and email addresses. 


We’re particularly excited to introduce our new logo! It’s already been applied to our website and we’re in the process of adding it to other materials such as marketing collateral, forms, and stationery.


Electronic Craftsmen logo


What’s staying the same is our commitment to continuing to provide innovative custom transformers and inductor solutions for our customers.


Let us know if you “like” our brand refresh or send us your feedback at [email protected]


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