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347V Step-Down Transformers

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In response to a market need, E Craftsmen has developed a family of agency approved 347V Step-Down Autotransformers. This voltage is unique to Canadian commercial and industrial installations and represents the line-to-neutral phase of the standard 600V 3-phase power grid.  Most of these requests come from the lighting industry and relate to the increasing popularity of LED lighting.


LED’s operate from low-voltage DC power that requires conversion from the AC primary line voltage.

Typical world-wide primary voltage is in the range of 100 to 240V at 50 or 60Hz.  As a result, a number of power-supply manufacturers have developed off-the-shelf devices that will accept any voltage between 100-240V (known as ‘universal input supplies”).  This approach is adequate in many installations but typically in commercial and industrial sites, lighting is powered by 347V and these universal input power supplies are not capable of operating at this higher voltage.


Consequently, the installation requires that the 347V be converted or “stepped-down” to 220-240V in order to be connected to these power supplies.  The most cost-effective method of stepping down from 347V is by use of an autotransformer.  Most importantly, the autotransformer must be designed in such a way as to satisfy safety requirements for 347V input.


E Craftsmen has developed a line of CSA Certified autotransformers that are ideal for these purposes.

Power ratings include 50VA, 100VA and 240VA with efficiencies of 93% and up.  The unique “Low Profile” form factor of these parts is ideal for fluorescent ballast retrofit and numerous other similar applications.  Of course, there are numerous other ratings and sizes available that can be customized to specification…contact us for details!

More Information about the 347V


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