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Higher-Power IP66 Enclosed Style LED Step-Down Autotransformers receive UL Listing

Image of IP66 Enclosed Style LED Step-Down Autotransformers

On the heels of the introduction of our compact, low-power Enclosed External Mount Slim-Line Autotransformers, we received UL Listing for our higher-power “mid-sized” parts in this practical IP66 format.


Incorporating the unique features of the smaller version, these larger transformers are fully contained within a fire-retardant housing and designed for external mounting to a fixture or device via an integral ½” NPT threaded nipple intended to fit through a standard ½” hole or knock-out. No wiring is accessible outside the fixture after mounting. The “UL Listed” mark for Canada and the U.S. simplifies the electrical inspection process because there are no “conditions of acceptability” associated with these parts.


Weighing just 1.6 lbs, these parts are ideal for applications where there isn’t adequate room to mount a transformer inside a fixture and/or for damp or wet applications.


Our higher power Enclosed-type external mount LED lighting autotransformers are currently available in four convenient electrical ratings:


Model 210042E, 347:240V @ 100VA
Model 210097E
, 347:120V @ 60VA
Model 210099E, 480:240V @ 75VA
Model 212025E, 277:240V @ 240VA

These versions are also available with an internal resettable thermal fuse (add suffix “F”)


Download complete specifications on our Slim Line Transformers here.

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