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4 Day Work Week Pilot Plan

Announcing a 4 day work week pilot plan


Electronic Craftsmen is pleased to announce we are continuing our 4-day work week pilot this summer.


Some preliminary results from our pilot include:

  • We were able to attract and recruit several new, talented team-members
  • Staff retention, attendance, and efficiencies have all improved substantially
  • We were able to hit our Sales Revenue target ahead of schedule

We continue to work on some other factors, before evaluating whether we can make this change permanent.

Plan details:

  • Electronic Craftsmen will be participating in a 4-day workweek pilot until September 30, 2023.
  • During this trial period, Employees will be working 32 hours per week while being paid for 40.
  • We are hoping to see an improvement in Employee moral, retention, and recruitment while maintaining our commitment to exceptional customer service and quality. 
  • If the experiment is a success, we will TRANSFORM ourselves into a permanent 4-day workweek organization.

All new employees hired this summer will participate in the pilot. Check out our Career Page for current openings.


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