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Transformers for Church Organ Consoles and Pipe Organs

Image of a Power Transformer

Although most of our parts end up flying across the world, in a satellite amplifier, or lighting a large stadium, it is always nice to hear about parts that end up in one our communities. We received this email from a Value Customer named Steve recently, and it made our day.


"I'm an electronics technician who amongst many other things, perform repair work on Church Organ Consoles and the electrical side of Pipe Organs. I came into a need for a multi-tap Ac-Ac transformer for a rack of cathedral chimes, the big time companies who sell organ parts to organ builders did not want to sell to me because I did not classify as an organ builder. I found E Craftsmen Corporation while searching online for a possible alternative. I made contact with them, and they were absolutely fantastic to work with. They custom built two of the needed transformers for me, and did so for a very reasonable cost, and on a timely basis. I highly recommend E Craftsmen Corp. for their great, timely, friendly, and quality service, and for being willing to help a small business owner

Thanks again,

Steve Y."

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