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3-Phase and Multi-Pulse Magnetics

3-Phase and Multi-Pulse Magnetics

E Craftsmen manufactures and designs a wide range of high reliability custom magnetics. Designed to meet UL, CSA MIL-PRF-27 requirements.

Each individual piece is fully inspected to ensure compliance with customer specifications.

  • 3-Phase Magnetics
  • UPS Magnetics
  • Delta-Wye Magnetics
  • Wye-Delta Magnetics
  • Wye-Wye Magnetics
  • High-Leakage Rectifier Magnetics
  • High Reactance Magnetics
  • 6-Pulse Rectifier Magnetics
  • 18-Pulse Rectifier Magnetics
  • 12-Pulse Rectifier Magnetics
  • Step-Up Magnetics
  • Step-Down Magnetics
  • Water-cooled Magnetics
  • Zig-Zag Magnetics
Image of 3-Phase Power Transformer


Our three-phase custom magnetic designs are used in many applications and include unique stacking configurations, custom mounting, brackets & terminals and integral lifting hardware. Materials are uniquely selected to optimize performance and reduce cost. Designs can incorporate inductance into the primary winding to save both cost and space.

Choose E Craftsmen as your trusted partner in collaborative design… We’re ready to help today, get started now.


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