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Electronic Craftsmen behind the scenes: How we quote, design. and prototype

No matter the size or complexity of a project, they all begin with an idea

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The Electronic Craftsmen team has a tried and true process to take that idea from inception to high performance prototype with exceptional efficiency and quality.


1. The quote

We encourage the use of our custom, online form that helps customers communicate their needs and requirements exactly and quickly. Depending on your needs, we’ll respond with either a “ballpark” estimate (a day or two) or a firm quote (typically within a week).


A qualified ballpark estimate (often requested for bid purposes) is based on identification of a similar design in our vast database of custom products. We can often turn pricing around within a day or so although this generally does not include lead-time for delivery.


For a firm quote, one of our engineers must perform calculations (often including multiple iterations) to satisfy the physical and electrical requirements. Following this, the designer will develop a physical layout, detailed assembly and labour instructions, a bill of material (including drawings for custom materials) for costing purposes. From here, our team will verify manufacturability and get material costing from our network of trusted suppliers. Once these steps are completed, your sales representative will issue a formal quotation including lead-time.


2. The prototype

Once a quote is accepted, we’ll work the project through all departments to ensure success in all areas. We’ll begin by reviewing the design, preparing formal manufacturing instructions, ordering materials and scheduling production. Once materials are received, our skilled production team will build the part with guidance from both design and manufacturing engineering. Following completion of the build, the designer prepares an evaluation report that verifies that the prototype satisfies the customer requirements and manufacturing instructions.


3. Quality assurance and shipping

Our highly trained quality control staff will inspect and test all parts at various stages throughout and following production. Prototypes are subjected to additional scrutiny by a quality assurance specialist against customer specifications. Once satisfied that the prototype meets our standards (and we’re sure it will meet the customer’s standards, too) we’ll ship the part according to customer specified requirements. No prototype or custom part leaves our facility without a detailed certificate of compliance.

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