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Renewable Energy - Taking Risk out of Transformers and Inductors


Today's sophisticated renewable energy products place significant demands on magnetics

Complex configurations, unique heating requirements, switching harmonics - all in smaller packages. In the customer’s eyes, if it's not efficient, reliable and cost-effective, it won't make the cut. The risks are inherent in all new designs.

Image of a DC Inductor
One of the major goals in new product development is to mitigate risk:
  • Customer risk that the product won’t meet their needs
  • Management risk that development and manufacturing costs will erode margins
  • Supplier risk in that the components might not meet tight-tolerance specifications or won’t be delivered on-time

E Craftsmen is a long-time expert in the business of developing and delivering custom magnetics for high risk applications. Send us your toughest design challenge — We do power perfectly!


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