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E Craftsmen Receives UL Certification for 347V & 480V LED Transformers

Image of the UL Certification Logo

Designed primarily for Step-Down power supply for LED lighting devices, these products are Certified to both the U.S. and Canadian standards for General Purpose Component Transformers.


The benefit to our customers is that the widely-recognized UL approval will simplify the acceptance of these compact transformers within their end-use fixtures by most safety certification organizations.


Approval with a Class B (130C) rated insulation system


Because these parts are approved with this additional rating, they can be used in equipment with higher ambient temperatures.


With their low-profile height of only 1.31 inches and narrow width of 1.63 inches, these transformers are sure to fit the small-size requirements of today's LED fixtures.


We have custom transformers to meet your needs, plus we don't charge for quotes and designs, contact us!

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