Sometimes there just isn't room inside a fixture or junction box to install a standard internal-mount transformer.

210041E with JboxThat’s why we're excited to introduce a practical addition to our Slim Line 347V & 480V step-down autotransformer family.

These easy-to-install versions of our popular step-down transformers are uniquely designed for external-mount applications. The enclosed-style autotransformer is easily attached on the outside via an integral threaded nipple inserted through a standard ½" NPT hole or knockout. All wiring is contained within the lighting fixture!

Rugged, compact and UL Listed for both Canada and the U.S., this part is a simple and elegant way to solve your commercial, industrial or street lighting LED lighting application.

Enclosed-type external mount LED lighting autotransformers are currently available in three models:

  • Model 210041E, 347:240V @ 50VA
  • Model 210100E, 347:120V @ 25VA
  • Model 211063E, 480:240V @ 35VA

210041E with UL markSpecifications:

  • Class: 105°C
  • Length: 2.07"
  • Width: 1.91"
  • Height:1.57"
  • Nipple dimensions: approx. 0.47" threads above 0.13" shoulder, outside diameter 0.82" (½" NPT)
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs.

Models are also available with an internal auto-resettable thermal fuse:

  • Model 210041F, 347:240V @ 50VA
  • Model 210100F, 347:120V @ 25VA
  • Model 211063F, 480:240V @ 35VA

Download complete specifications at our Slim Line Transformers page or contact E Craftsmen for details!