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DC Inductors, Chokes & AC Reactors

Reliable, Innovative Designs

We design and build our inductors and chokes with state-of-the-art materials including powdered metals, ferrites, amorphous metals and silicon & nickel iron materials. In-house gapping capability allows us to meet specific inductance specifications and our collaborative approach to design allows us to deliver applications with results in optimal performance in the most efficient package.

Example Types of DC & AC Inductors, Chokes & Reactors:

  • Encapsulated / Molded / Potted
  • High Power, High Current
  • Output Filter
  • Differential & Common Mode
  • Water-cooled
  • High Voltage (to 25kV)
  • Air Core Power
  • Foil-Wound
  • Buck-boost
  • Toroidal
  • Noise Suppression
  • Resonant Tank
  • Swinging Output
  • Tunable
  • Magnetic Regulator
  • 3 Phase



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