Low Frequency Bypass Inductor 1.8mH, 60Hz with harmonics (EC Custom Model 217079)

About Project

Used as a component of an LCL filter on the output of a 3 ph grid-tied inverter. This inductor serves as a shunt for low frequency current to reduce losses in the damping resistor.
- Inductance: 1.80mH +/-10%
- Line Voltage, rms: 480V +/-10%
- Switching Frequency: 5-10kHz
- Rated Current @ 60Hz: 4.5A
- Harmonic 1: 400mA @ 5kHz
- Harmonic 2: 50mA @ 10kHz
- Dielectric Strength: 3000Vac, 2s
- Chassis Mountable; Terminal Block for electrical connections
- Metglas Core