To our valued Customers,

Electronic Craftsmen has been identified as an essential business by the Government of Ontario.

Utilizing rigorous but sensitive C-19 protocols, it is our intention to continue normal operations to the greatest extent possible.  

That said, we are experiencing complications from time-to-time:

- Some employees are struggling with personal or family concerns and they have decided stay at home; we respect their decision.

- Lead-time and availability of raw-material can be a little problematic at times but we're working hard with all of our customers and vendors to find reasonable work-arounds.


Deliveries may be impacted

We can't say exactly what parts or how they might be affected but please know that we are trying hard to stay on track. If you can prioritize your critical parts, this would be helpful; please contact us to let us know.


We are grateful for your patience during this difficult time.  Thank-you for your business!  We will do our best to keep you posted.


Blaine Gray, P.Eng

Vice President