Winding Operator Heavy Cell


Electronic Craftsmen is looking for a permanent, full-time winding operator for  our Unit Winding - Heavy Cell Department. This position offers a wide variety of responsibilities over a continually changing & diverse product line. A competitive hourly rate is complemented by a full company paid benefits program.  Vacation accrual is 3 weeks each year.

Daily Duties & Responsibilities

  • Wind copper wire onto coil forms that will be used as part of transformer and inductor assemblies.
  • Verify correct paperwork.
  • Verify correct operation of winding machine.
  • Verify correct winding tooling to be used.
  • Verify correct materials to be used
  • Perform pre start checklist every day when first starting up winding machine.
  • Wind parts with the correct magnet wire or copper foil.
  • Following manufacturing specification, wind the correct amount of turns applying the correct inter layer or inter winding insulations.


Other Duties & Responsibilities

  • Must be able to work well in a team environment.
  • Possibly repair problem parts.
  • Good housekeeping in your cell area.
  • Help out in other work cells as required.
  • Responsible for reporting on problems or defects in products or materials to immediate supervisor.
  • Responsible for alerting supervisor about potential improvements to job activities and tasks.
  • Follow safety requirements


Internal Training Required

  • Quality Policy and related documents.
  • WHMIS.
  • Health & Safety topics.
  • Manufacturing document reading.
  • Shop floor paperwork training.
  • Hands on winding training (operation of winding machine, loading of magnet wire).
  • Tooling management training (this will allow proper verification of winding arbours).
  • Hand soldering techniques.
  • Hands on lifiting equipment training
  • Hydraulic press operation
  • Specific Quality document training as identified for this job description.


Experience Required

  • Good hand dexterity.
  • Ability to work in a team environment.


Education Required

  • Basic math and literacy skills.
  • Good reading, writing and verbal skills in the English Language.


Physical Demands

  • May have to stand or sit for an entire shift.
  • Must be able to lift 50 lb spools of magnet wire.
  • Use of air tools.


Send your application to:

Justine Redfearn, Recruitment