Tom has been with E Craftsmen for over 30 years

Like many people these days, Tom wears a few hats - not only is he our Vice President and Engineering Manager, he’s also our “innovative leader” with a constant craving to learn. He came to us with solid credentials - a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the esteemed University of Waterloo in 1981 followed by his licence as a Professional Engineer in 1984.

E Craftsmen is the perfect place for Tom and his expertise, because the transformers and inductors that we design are essentially electric devices with critical mechanical, environmental and thermal properties.

Tom takes pleasure in the challenge of figuring out how to assemble something after he has designed it to work electrically. Once the technical requirements are met, he puts his creative talents to work on how to best assemble the device to withstand the rigours of time and abuse of its intended environment. Many of our parts are used in highly sensitive and demanding environments and this is where Tom’s expertise is critical.

There is very little new information available on the science of transformers – most books on the subject were written 50+ years ago. In today’s obsession with the “digital disruption”, the design of transformers and inductors has become somewhat a lost science, but here at E Craftsmen we're reinventing this older technology in our designs by combining years of experience with state-of-the-art materials.

One of Tom’s most significant contributions to E Craftsmen is his understanding of Thermodynamics.

He is skilled in the subtleties of thermal transfer within the windings and core of a magnetic device and in the mechanics of moving heat energy using air and/or fluid flow. Why is this so important? Transformer heating is one of most potentially destructive elements and understanding how to effectively draw it out is crucial to the long-term success of any part.

Tom is renowned for his collaboration with leading aircraft designers on Boeing and Airbus platforms - we’re very proud to say that our parts have been flying in many of these aircraft for over 30 years.

Tom is an essential asset to our clients and to the E Craftsmen team.

He has the drive and the know-how to consistently make parts that surpass expectation – that’s why our clients keep coming back!